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John Armleder: Yellow Pages

41SHTF2JKXL. SL160  Buy Yellow PagesIf you let your fingers do the walking through these Yellow Pages, you won't find that plumber you're looking for, but you will plumb an inviting exercise in Conceptual art from Swiss artist, prankster, performer and teacher John Armleder. He and his class at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig, Germany, who call themselves Team404, solicited original graphic works made on A4 paper from over 500 artists (Corrie Colbert, Sylvie Fleury, Thomas Hirschhorn, Odili Donald Odita, Michael Snow)--"be it a text, sketch, drawing, picture, or whatever suits your mind," the letter said. The works were displayed in a gallery, then each was randomly put together with another artist's work to be reproduced as a black double print on yellow paper. Armleder, whose own prints and multiples were the subject of a retrospective exhibition at Geneva's Cabinet des Estampes in 1995, dials a winner.
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